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Sovereign 4994

Front View

Enterprise 1-way AMD Epyc RAID storage server

  • One AMD® Epyc 9004 processor
    • Infinity Fabric Links with low latency
    • Up to 96 cores for massive parallelization
    • Localized memory and PCI-E bus access for all cores
  • Up to 3TB high performance DDR5 ECC memory
    • Two 12-channel memory busses optimized for CFD simulation
    • Highest memory bandwidth for read and write operations
  • Onboard cost-effective 10Gigabit Ethernet
    • Enhanced I/O performance for cloud storage
    • Faster and more responsive virtualization
  • Broadcom high speed SAS3 12Gbs PCIe v4 controllers
    • The HBA model (SST) is optimized for ZFS filesystem
    • The RAID model (SRT) supports level 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60
  • Blazing fast NVME PCIe SSD OS storage
  • Five PCI Express v5 expansion slots
  • 4U rack with hotswap & redundant power supply
    • High efficiency Titanium Level power supply
    • SAS3 backplane supporting 24 hotswap drives
    • Optional two rear 2.5in hotswap hard drive bays
  • Serial Console Redirection for remote management
  • Onboard in-band & out-of-band remote server management over
    LAN using IPMI 2.0
  • 64-bit Linux operating system

Three year limited warranty

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Sovereign 4994-SST Sovereign 4994-SRT
Processor AMD® EPYC Model 9124 (16-core) AMD® EPYC Model 9124 (16-core)
Memory 192GB DDR5-4800 ECC registered 192GB DDR5-4800 ECC registered
Storage Controller Broadcom 9500-8i SAS3 SW RAID Broadcom 9560-8i SAS3 HW RAID
Starting Price
Phone: 1.510.249.5900