Leaders in Linux since 1995

ASL Inc. is the leading provider of high performance Linux systems. Our philosophy is to redefine Linux performance by providing leading-edge technology and extensive system customization at competitive prices. As part of ASL Inc.'s commitment to execute this philosophy, we work closely with key industry leaders such as Intel® and AMD to be one of the first to bring innovative products to market. Every system comes preinstalled and configured with an optimized Linux operating system. Additionally, we offer dual boot systems with Microsoft® Windows® to support legacy applications. ASL Inc. also provides world-class customer support and service at no cost to our customers.

ASL Inc. prides itself as being the Linux performance leader and is consistently the first to deliver the latest innovations to the Linux market. Our track record includes offering the world's first Dual AMD Athlon™ MP Linux Workstation (Marquis K120), dual 1 GHz processors in a 1U form factor (Lancelot 1200), world's first Dual Intel Xeon™ Linux workstation with AGP 8X (Marquis C495), and high end Ultra ATA Terabyte storage server (Sovereign series). Highly regarded for their excellent performance and quality, ASL systems are widely deployed in academic institutions, scientific and government research labs, the commercial sector and ISPs. Some of our satisfied customers include MIT, Brookhaven National Lab, NOAA, Mentor Graphics, Transmeta and Amazon.com.

Why Buy From ASL?

Today, platform integration requires more than just incorporating the best hardware components. Because the industry continues to be Microsoft centric and changes at a rapid pace, the capability to deliver state of the art Linux platforms becomes increasingly difficult. As countless numbers of hardware components and options saturate the market, the right Linux solution is no longer easy to choose. Yet ASL has met and excelled in this challenge as shown in its track record. Through extensive engineering research and development and rigorous testing, ASL continues to deliver break though Linux solutions far exceeding its competitors.

Being a dedicated Linux hardware vendor since 1995, ASL's expertise in the Linux operating system is its biggest asset and value. This accumulated knowledge enables the company to deliver effective and prompt technical support. When purchasing an ASL platform, customers gain an experienced and invaluable Linux partner.

Each ASL system is configured precisely according to the customer's specifications. ASL is one of the few Linux vendors to offer software RAID configuration at the factory. Through its extensive customization and setup, ASL continues to deliver systems that are tailored to the user's needs. With a knowledgeable and experienced sales team, ASL always delivers the correct Linux solutions for its customers.

As part of ASL's commitment to deliver the most powerful platforms on the market, extensive engineering effort is directed towards the Linux kernel. The latest and greatest technology is useless unless there are proper device drivers available. Over the years, ASL kernels have incorporated many important enhancements to improve NFS functionality, accelerate IDE/SCSI disk performance, enhance SMP operation, and speed up virtual memory performance. To ensure the best functionality and operability, ASL systems are maintained with the latest updates at all times.

Historically, technology grows at rapid pace while operating systems always lag behind. Most if not all of the Linux distributions are unable to keep up with the latest and newest hardware. They either cannot recognize the system components or are unable to take advantage of new features. As a result, these state of the art platforms are either crippled or rendered unusable.

To provide full software support, ASL has created special distribution CD sets for both Red Hat and SuSE. Each CD set includes the latest ASL kernel, updated network and device drivers and updated packages. By using the ASL CD set, Linux can now be installed easily on any modern platform locally or over the network. In addition, the system is secured out of the box without a need to download additional updates. This is extremely important for users who do not have easy access to the network for package downloading.

Today, Linux platforms continue to grow and mature commercially as powerful Unix desktops/servers and viable enterprise solutions. More than ever, ASL's relentless pursuit of perfection and excellence in the Linux hardware market is being demonstrated through its exciting products. Whether it is a powerful 64-bit workstation with large memory capacity, high performance Beowulf cluster, four-way or eight-way scalable enterprise server with powerful remote server management or high capacity SATA II Terabyte storage servers, ASL will continue to deliver state of the art Linux solutions that are unparalleled in performance, reliability, and most of all affordability.