The system BIOS has detected unsuccessful POST attempt


When rebooting, the system BIOS displays the following message:

The system BIOS has detected unsuccessful POST attempt(s).
Possible causes included recent changes to BIOS Performance options or
recent hardware changes.
Press 'Y' to enter BIOS Setup or press 'N' to cancel and attempt to boot
with previous settings.

Affected Platforms:


This problem is caused by the kernel trying to reboot the computer using the PS/2 keyboard interface. Since this platform is legacy free (USB keyboard only), the BIOS gets into a strange state and the system must be powered off.

To avoid this problem, add one of the following options to the kernel command line via /etc/grub.conf:

Fedora 11 and higher


CentOS 5/RHEL 5


After adding the reboot option, the system will display the above message one more time. After the kernel boots with the new option, the warning will not be displayed again.